Monday, December 28, 2015

How To Create Lasting Value From Your Managed Services Vendor

Managed services clients need to look beyond traditional outsourcing criteria to get the longer-term benefits they expect from a solutions partner. The key is to look beyond the initial savings proposition and ask, “What’s next?”

In the typical managed services engagement, clients are faced with the challenge of pushing vendors for more value than what is received — from better productivity, increased process efficiency and globalization. These cost-saving features address an immediate need and produce first-year savings in a three- to five-year engagement. However, it is a short-lived win, and after 12 months, clients are looking for the next round of savings. As a result, the final years are an arrangement that is stagnant, tactical and with savings lower than expected. The service-level agreements (SLA) are green but client satisfaction is red, and there is little to no business value being delivered.

One way clients can make sure that their vendor partner will deliver ongoing value is to ask questions at the beginning such as, “Do I have the right vendor?” and “Do I have a vendor that can help me achieve my organizational goals?” This white paper explores the questions to ask to find a solutions vendor that is focused on your long-term goals.

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