Monday, December 28, 2015

Holding Managed Services Vendors Accountable in an Agile Environment

Managing the Agile Shift As companies seek greater efficiencies from their managed-services, clients can hold vendors accountable to software output in an enhancements-only, managed-services contract where Agile methodology is the methodology of choice. The key is to use velocity increases as the commitment service-level agreement (SLA). As companies continue to seek greater efficiencies from their application portfolio and reduce costs associated with development and maintenance, more organizations are considering the use of managed-services providers for application development. This trend, coupled with a shift toward the Agile development model for development teams, has created a challenge for the client. The dilemma is how to hold the vendor accountable for sustainable and consistent output of software when Agile is so fluid and development work is so variable. This white paper explores a method to hold vendors accountable for measureable software output in an Agile environment. Download the PDF

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