The Resurgence of Rural Sourcing: The Ongoing Debate

U.S. based rural sourcing is not a new concept, but it is re-emerging as a critical part of a balanced global outsourcing model that can help organizations deal with disruptive technology trends and meet critical business objectives.

Turning Brown Into Green

Since Ciber introduced Business Process Calibration with Brown Paper Processing, the methodology has been used by more than 150 organizations of all sizes, across all industries, and all have achieved significant process improvement.

Managing Change for Successful Cloud Computing Adoption

What is it that makes cloud computing — and its obvious extension, social computing — different and perhaps more challenging? If the cloud strategy is not carefully considered, cloud computing can disrupt solid business models, good operating principles and competitive strategies.

A Cloud Computing Handbook for Business

Business demands for more flexible and cost-effective ways to access computing services have driven the creation and adoption of cloud services. Organizations want to avoid upfront infrastructure investment, reach business goals and serve customers more quickly.

The Pigman Principle: Why Rational Leaders Make Irrational Decisions

We do not live in a perfect world of unlimited funds, resources and time to properly execute and deliver projects and change initiatives. To successfully navigate this ever-changing landscape, we look for guidance and key decisions from our leaders and project sponsors.

How To Create Lasting Value From Your Managed Services Vendor

One way clients can make sure their vendor partner will deliver ongoing value is to ask questions such as, “Do I have a vendor that can help me achieve my organizational goals?” Explore what questions to ask to find a solutions vendor focused on your long-term goals.