Technology Solutions

Evolve your infrastructure strategy

Designing the infrastructure to support your ERP systems, business analytics software or other mission-critical application is a complex and critical piece of any technology strategy.

Add to this the ever-changing landscape of IT — new product announcements, an embrace of cloud architectures, security and mobility — and it becomes clear why leading organizations look beyond their internal IT resources for direction with these major decisions. 

Make the most of your technology investment

Ciber’s Technology Solutions experts work alongside your team to design the optimal infrastructure for your organization and drive maximum results from your investment. Our solution architects and certified consultants, having access to the leading ERP providers and hardware vendors, customize your environment and assist you to reduce capital requirements and manage operating costs.

With the ongoing push to the cloud and so many architectures to choose from, we understand the complexity you face to arrive at a solution that supports your business objectives. We first help our customers understand the various hosting options, including on-premise, cloud and hybrid, and then implement a solution specifically designed to meet your requirements, leveraging any of these platforms.

Beyond the data center, most enterprises struggle to adjust to the consumerization of IT and the delivery of a consistent yet secure mobile experience to their internal end users. This affects everything from BYOD strategies to remote and field workers to warehouse operations and data collection. As mobility experts, we evaluate your current operations and present a plan to automate implementation, device management and security for the various devices within your network.

Partner with Ciber infrastructure experts

Your objectives ultimately define our actions. Our goal is to see your organization drive maximum results:

  • Leverage cloud technology to achieve an optimal IT infrastructure
  • Integrate on-premise ERP applications into cloud applications or hybrid solutions
  • Eliminate silos of complex, over-provisioned, proprietary hardware and software
  • Optimize standards-based infrastructure and utilize capacity across the entire organization
  • Provide real-time visibility for threat detection and prioritization
  • Implement and automate wireless data collection device configuration and updates
  • Manage and secure mobile devices at a consumer or enterprise level

We leverage more than 40 years of partnerships with industry-leading vendors such as IBM, HP, CA, NetApp and Zebra to design an infrastructure and computing platform that will meet our client’s needs. We have the experience to provide an accurate evaluation of implementation costs, timing and required resources to ensure you make the most of your investment. Join hundreds of clients who have turned to Ciber for help in making critical decisions about their technology platforms and infrastructure.