Quality is scrutinized by organizations planning to undertake major IT or transformation initiatives or forecast accelerated growth trends. Quality issues hold companies back when operating expenses are higher than the competition. Many organizations know that their software-development quality is not what it should be but aren’t sure where to start to improve their speed to market and reduce defects. Application-development leaders tend to look at pieces of the puzzle such as different approaches to testing rather than considering quality holistically.

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Begin with a quality lifecycle approach

Ciber’s quality-management approach emphasizes that you can’t test quality into applications, but you instead need to build quality into the product and application-delivery lifecycle from the start. Ciber enables clients to get the highest value by customizing proven lifecycle approaches to a client’s specific business needs, environment and culture. By reinforcing consistent execution good practices and accurate measurements and metrics, Ciber helps enable a predictable level of quality — one that increases overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Ciber Quality Assurance and Testing services consider quality across the entire lifecycle regardless of whether you are using agile or waterfall delivery methodology. Ciber helps clients achieve higher quality through a combination of quick wins and incremental improvements, all while targeting long-term strategic goals. With Ciber’s reusable templates, methods and accelerators refined through hundreds of real-world engagements and frameworks to promote speed, reuse, ease of maintenance and rapid defect isolation, Ciber ensures measurable results and a focus on continuous improvement.

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