Mobile Application Modernization

Modernize to leave legacy issues behind

With the sunsetting of Windows Mobile, we’re at one of those pivotal points when it is productive to leave aging technology behind. The technology has become a huge liability for companies, because very soon there will be no updates, patches or support. By the beginning of 2020 all versions of the operating system will be unsupported and your organization’s operations and data will be at risk. 

Android opens up new business opportunities

Android enables flexibility through application features, integration capabilities, and a partner ecosystem legacy Windows Mobile never provided. Android’s ability to allow trusted relationships between designated applications, creates more streamlined and intelligent solutions that benefit companies and end-users. By leveraging modern approaches to integration, businesses can benefit from using assets they have already invested in to get better performance while lowering the cost of operations. Android opens up new business opportunities that can help operationalize a business process, train employees using embedded media, or provide context to location and mapping data. 

Take advantage of Ciber expertise and exclusive Zebra functionality

As a full-service solution company Ciber helps companies build the most effective architecture and integration strategy, streamline user experiences, and develop applications focused on business efficiencies. We deliver innovation by leveraging the newest Zebra and Android capabilities to build your mobile application. Once the application and devices have been deployed, Ciber can transfer support of the environment, or manage the software and hardware assets for clients.   

  • Application Delivery – Strategy, Architecture, UX, Development, and Testing
  • Exclusive Zebra device capabilities like Asset Tracking, Push-To-Talk and Analytics
  • Application and Device Management - Maintenance Packages, Managed Services, Helpdesk, as well as provisioning and centralized mobile device management solutions
  • Zebra and Ciber Device Labs – including legacy Windows Mobile and modern state environments with Zebra Android Devices for testing new applications

Partner with Ciber and Zebra

As trusted partners, Zebra and Ciber have delivered solutions to customers for more than 20 years, and created a path to success for clients. It is that success that has established Ciber as a Premier Solutions Partner and Platinum reseller of Zebra products. Ciber offers clients the best Zebra pricing and delivers services clients need to be successful as businesses manage mobile deployments and deliver applications to end-users. 

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