Agile Transformation goes beyond the use of Agile development practices by a few select teams. For an organization to gain the most benefit and truly transform into being Agile, it must change its culture and take a holistic and consistent approach in its adoption of Agile practices.

How to be truly Agile

Digital Transformation has drastically changed how companies operate and interact with their employees, partners and customers. To succeed with transformation, IT needs to increase speed of delivery while improving quality and reducing cost. Many organizations support sweeping Digital Transformation change by becoming Agile. Those who implement a culture that changes quickly and at lower costs ensure relevance today and into the future.

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To become truly Agile, IT invites business experts to work directly and continuously with their IT product teams. Agile journeys are filled with continuous improvements and innovation of processes, technologies and collaboration. DevOps methods, tools and practices are applied across teams, and even within legacy application teams.

In truly agile organizations, executive leadership transforms how they work to enable Digital Transformation and Agile Transformation to deliver their digital strategies. Finally, they value and work with partners who can reimagine technology, processes and practices to accelerate their Agile transformation, and who can coach their people to learn new skills and new ways of working together.

Agile teams and role-based training make a difference

Ciber's Lean Agile Services enable an organization to become truly Agile with a set of solutions that help clients mature over time. Ciber’s approach fosters innovation in client environments, creates high performing teams, and gives clients the right tools to undergo a complete Agile Transformation.

Ciber offers five Lean Agile solutions:

Partner with Ciber to drive Agile Transformation

As Application Development and Management experts for 46 years, Ciber has a team of Agile experts who have worked with clients in leadership positions, strategic roles, and on Agile development teams. They’ve been enlightened by analysts, partners and clients whose transformations are a testimony to years of discipline. Ciber’s Lean Agile Services are based on Scrum + Extreme Programming (XP) practices such as test-driven development, pairing, refactoring, and simple coding. By learning from others’ Agile journeys, we speed Agile Transformation so that clients scale, mature and become business enablers more quickly.