Traditional project management techniques aren’t cutting it.  It’s not enough to follow the same old processes to move projects along the way you have been for a decade. As business is disrupted and competition heats up, organizations need to take a new approach to project management and actively make a clear case for initiatives, smooth the path toward productivity and lead the way by delivering value on a continuous basis.

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Take project management to the next level

Whether your organization is just establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) or trying to get more accomplished with a rejuvenated approach, Ciber can help. We still start with people, process, tools and metrics, utilizing our best practices to establish the foundation and take the PMO to the next level:

  • The most effective project management personnel needs to be put in place to lead organizations forward and deliver on the strategy, goals and objectives instead of simply administering processes.
  • Ciber helps PMOs align to organizational imperatives and then adapt and optimize to add value to the organization.
  • Ciber’s unique approach to agile transformation incorporates organizational change, agile coaching and mentoring, role based training and ongoing support to make a smooth transition to agile in order to improve time to market and deliver value continuously.
  • Ciber identifies key performance indicators and expected targets which are imperative to drive solutions that provide true business value to the organization. 
  • Communication and transparency are imperative for timely and proactive decision-making that enables project teams to deliver on the business strategy. 

Ciber can help organizations focus on business objectives, enable change instead of impeding it, and move to a digital future with solutions that are responsive and dynamic:

Ciber applies its PMO expertise to help you transform

Ciber is an Organizational Change, Learning and Performance Management expert. With hundreds of consultants in North America we’ve built PMOs and then provided the ingenuity to take them to the next level.  Change isn’t easy, but our experts can help your organization embrace it.