Maximize employee satisfaction and productivity

Employees want to get things done quickly using modern tools that provide a contextualized experience with team members and digital assets at their fingertips. They count on unified communication and collaboration technologies which allow them to access corporate information assets from work, home and on the move. Modern employee experiences help digital workers to perform at the highest capacity and be more productive every day. Today’s digital workers also expect very positive experiences with intranet and external web sites that enable all stakeholders.

Migration from aging applications such as Lotus Notes and Domino that hold employees back can provide powerful return on investment. Leaders too, want seamless integration, effective governance, and cloud enabled architecture to encourage collaboration and productivity.

Support digital business goals with modern technology

Ciber helps clients move away from aging collaboration tools while minimizing the cost and disruption of migration with its Digital Workplace solution. Our team has partnered with organizations to overcome challenges and reach goals in funding and executing a move to a new platform.

Ciber clients have benefited from Ciber’s Digital Workplace conversions. Ciber’s accelerated approach to move business movers to a modern platform helps you save capital costs and achieve real ROI.

  • Ciber’s Digital Workplace solutions delight users and make it easier for them to be productive.
  • We leverage reusable components and repeatable agile based processes to accelerate implementation.
  • Whether cloud, on premise, or hybrid, Ciber Digital Workplaces are highly secure and meet all regulatory compliance requirements.

Our software factory methodology enabled us to deliver dozens of applications on time and under budget.   Our reusable components and repeatable Agile based processes accelerate implementation times while maximizing quality and user adoption.

Ciber is a Digital Workplace leader

Ciber Digital Workplace experts have depth and experience with companion technologies needed to build robust and reliable collaboration and productivity applications. With hybrid services and tools we bring together the most appropriate resources and techniques to do the job. Our Decompose/Recompose methodology enables us to break down large projects into manageable chunks and minimize custom coding. Ciber’s expertise means that clients can be confident that budget and timelines will be achieved and at the same time user satisfaction and productivity is maximized .