Digital Agent

Transactions go digital with chatbot technology

Service-driven organizations are seeking innovative ways to improve customer engagement and the user experience while automating processes and streamlining operations. With consumers spending more time on messaging platforms, businesses should look beyond mobile applications and websites to chatbot technology. Consumers often prefer to connect with businesses via chat to quickly access information.

A Digital Agent enables businesses to create integrated, engaging, and persistent transactions by automating business operations such as customer support services, sales and marketing, and other functions. Digital Agent enables businesses to customize and personalize products or services for their customers using technologies and solutions such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and other cognitive and artificial intelligence techniques.

Empower customers and users with a Digital Agent enabled experience

Our Digital Agent solution is based on simple and convenient chatbot technology that communicates with your customers, prospects, and employees and can work across most popular messaging platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Digital Agent instantly engages customers or users and enhances customer relationships.

Digital Agent has the capacity to comprehend what a customer or user is saying, discover the objective, react in a conversational way, and keep up the conversational state over numerous back and forth dialects. As Digital Agent is completely data-driven, it is highly-secured and compliant to policies and standards. Its multi-platform compatibility and integration with social media provide businesses an added advantage.

Digital Agent solutions can be applied to many user and customer functions:

  • Customer Service, engagement, and profiling
  • Business Development
  • Marketing automation
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Employee relationships
  • Community relationships

Rely on our industry and chatbot technology expertise

Our team’s retail, higher education, and government agency knowledge help us understand business processes that lend themselves to Digital Agent upgrades. We’re right-sized to understand client environments and willing to customize our solutions for clients based on project requirements, and take unique approaches that reduce costs and save time.