Information is still the lifeblood of a company. How organizations manage intellectual property, key relationship data and maintain a single version of the truth is still the basis for a well-run organization to compete. Without a strategic global approach to enterprise information management, an organization is not equipped to succeed.

An information strategy for the enterprise

Business processes need to be the basis of an information-management strategy. Customers that have standardized their business processes in business applications still face issues to support the end-to-end-process because unstructured content — that is part of the business process — is not yet properly managed. Challenges that remain are:

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  • Content disconnected from business processes
  • Inconsistencies between application data and documents
  • Inefficient paper-based processes
  • Inability to find needed information
  • Content locked in siloed, fragmented applications

Organizations that have integrated their systems are reaping a strong return on investment from gains in productivity, customer service and knowledge access. Ciber is a system-integration expert and can help organizations reach the next level of business agility with Data and Analytics services that connect business processes, information and business systems, so that your organization can move at the speed of business. Tap into solutions that advance insight and performance:

The Ciber difference – both consultative, and hands-on technology expertise

There are behemoth consulting organizations out there that will charge you huge fees to talk about what you should do with your enterprise information, but most companies are looking for a real-world approach. As the small company that cares and the big company that can, Ciber brings hands-on consultative acumen combined with proven experience in best practices for leveraging and extending the full functionality of your CRM and integrating that with content management, marketing and data warehouse hub systems. Take advantage of Ciber’s practical mix of 44 years consultative and technology expertise to make the most of your current systems and move your organization to a modern enterprise information management road map.