Keeping your manufacturing process in a constant state of improvement is the way to thrive in today’s dynamic, global marketplace. Productivity gains, upgraded processes, streamlined inventory and refined supply chains are achieved through the mastery and shrewd application of data. Profitable and healthy manufacturers understand the importance of putting in place the optimal systems to ensure they maximize their workflow and increase visibility into their operations. And they do all this while keeping costs low and minimizing the risk to their enterprise.

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Insight drives process manufacturing productivity

Ciber offers a manufacturing execution system that provides total visibility into your critical operation elements. Our solution automates data capture on your manufacturing floor, visualizes the information and integrates it into your enterprise resource planning systems.

The Ciber solution delivers manufacturing intelligence applications for continuous improvement, integration of plant applications to the enterprise, real-time manufacturing analytics, planning and scheduling. Ciber’s streamlined solution simplifies manufacturing operations and execution and provides visibility for production, warehouse and maintenance personnel. Functions include:

  • Dispatching
  • Shop-floor execution 
  • Enhanced tracking and traceability
  • Reporting and analysis

Ciber can adapt and deploy solutions quickly. This remarkable turnaround can have you making valuable insights almost immediately — connecting the shop floor to the top floor and enabling integration to the “Internet of Things.” You can take advantage of a fully customized solution that scales to the size of each plant and works with existing applications and systems. 

Ciber's first client is a manufacturer and still a large global partner

Ciber manufacturing clients rely on more than 40 years of global manufacturing experience and proven best practices gained by Ciber employees on multiple manufacturing implementations. With in-depth knowledge of how your specific processes work and the expertise to pair the right technical solutions to your manufacturing needs, we can help your company communicate more effectively, operate more efficiently, and, ultimately, gain a sustainable competitive advantage.