As a brand-new financial market evolves, the industry is looking for financial services, banking and insurance leaders to master change and create the future. The winners will thrive despite an environment of unprecedented consolidation, regulation and volatility. They will be the earliest to adopt new technology, the quickest to develop new processes and will reap the largest rewards from the revolution in customer and market data. There is no reason why you cannot be one of them.

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Ciber provides a financial services platform for success

  • A collaborative strategic IT road map
  • Class-leading managed services
  • A game-changing, service-oriented architecture

Of course, your needs are different from any other organization. That is why Ciber values partnership above all else. Together, we can tackle your enterprise resource planning projects, laser-focus your customer-relationship management, deliver features and products your customers can only dream of and ensure you have a robust security and compliance posture.

Overcome industry upheaval with a trusted partner

With us, you’ll have the people, the expertise and the proven track record to help you engineer a vibrant future. We will help you make the vital strategic decisions today that will ensure you prosper tomorrow. Optimization and transformation of your current systems will realize immediate savings and productivity gains. Our service-oriented architecture will ensure you surprise and delight your customers and shareholders with the latest features and products before your competitors.

Strong partnerships are like money in the bank

Ciber has developed strong alliances with partners that have had a lasting impact on the financial-services industry. We have decades of experience developing and implementing the programs and platforms on which the financial industry runs. Ciber is a member of the Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics and one of only six globally supported system integrators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Ciber is a SAP alliance partner and one of five companies in the world that are both global SAP hosting partners and SAP application management-services providers.