There is a unique set of challenges facing operators in the transportation and logistics sector. Entire economies would grind to a halt if your systems broke down. It would be hard enough if the job was to simply get something from point A to point B. But this has to be done efficiently, securely, timely, consistently, and cost-effectively. Technology is your workhorse and data is your lifeblood. Ensuring you have a 360-degree view of your operation is vital to not just your survival, but also ours.

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Experience for the long haul

We bring decades of experience to bear for our clients in this sector. Not only are we the authority on the latest technology and tools, but also we have unrivaled depth in our understanding of your industry and its unique requirements. Globally, we partner with:

  • Departments of transportation
  • Transit agencies
  • Highway departments
  • Turnpike agencies
  • Port authorities
  • Toll agencies

From strengthening your existing technology capabilities to ensuring the security of systems and users, Ciber’s experts have a comprehensive and unique understanding of project development and implementation in both the transportation system and a government environment.

Distribution, logistics and transportation functionality 

Ciber is keenly aware of how diverse your technology ecosystem can be. We have developed practices that cover every facet of your operation and can tailor a team to precisely match your needs.

  • Project management – We implement the software tools, databases and workflows that enable departments to tackle huge projects.
  • System management – We provide scalable systems that allow operators a complete, real-time view of their networks.
  • Security – We build data solutions that enable operators to track, review and store all their activity to provide transparency and oversite.

Your system lives or dies, runs or stops on information. The more up-to-date, usable, and trustworthy your data is, the better. Ciber helps you collect, consolidate and collaborate like never before so you can meet and beat your goals and the expectations of us all.