Ciber provides a wide range of Engineering Services, Engineering Support and Solutions, Supply Chain Management Support, Plant Support, and Infrastructure Support to several leading global automobile manufacturers.
Ciber’s Engineering Services include supplier coordination for manufacturing parts required to build prototypes, testing, validation, benchmarking, defining remedial actions to close gaps, managing change control, and supporting the development of new models.

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Our Engineering Support Services supports Bill of Materials, Supplier Management, Planning, Scheduling, and Prototype and Product Development, Feasibility Analysis, Color Analysis, Issue Management, and Value Engineering.

We also offer Solutions that include AI Tools to detect Production Flaws, manage Predictive Maintenance, respond to real-time demand changes across the supply chain, and BI / Visualization Tools to manage sales forecasting, demand management, and dynamic inventory, maintenance, and support for on-site local engineering, Vehicle Evaluation and Verification technical infrastructure, and Engineering Release System support, and many more.

Ciber also provides Supply Chain Management and Plant Support Services. Apart from these, we also offer Program/Project Management Services which include Milestone Tracking, Process Improvement, Administration, Planning Scheduling / Timing, and Marketing and Media Support. Ciber’s Infrastructure Support Services include Networking services and solutions, Cybersecurity, User Management with Identity and Access Management, IT Hardware Maintenance and Infrastructure Management to minimize downtime and support Disaster Recovery, Data Center Support, and SharePoint services to enable users to seamlessly share data and collaborate better.

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Ciber_Webpage_Engineering_CAD -CATIA - Teamcentre

CAD /CATIA / Teamcentre

  • Facilitating Supplier CAD
  • CAD verification of Surface and 3D CAD compliance
  • Developing 2D sections and engineering proposals from 3D CAD
  • ...
  • Developing CAD designs for interior and exterior systems
  • Designing mechanical subsystems
  • Creating 2D drawings

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering_Planning - Scheduling - Timing

Planning /Scheduling /Timing

  • Identifying problems in program cycles or build and test phases
  • Electronic Validation to support timing and planning of parts ordered
  • Supporting development of project plan,
  • ... prototype and product development schedules
  • Supplier management to maintain program/project timing and cost as per BOM
  • Developing dashboard to notify team of project milestones / due dates
  • End-to-end project management

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering_Part testing

Part Testing

  • Electronic Design Validation for parts testing
  • Planning and analysis of test reports
  • Testing the parts for lab requirements
  • Validating BOM and parts required for
  • ... testing
  • Test Matrix series required by regulations
  • Analyzing, validating, and documenting test reports

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering_Design to Prototyping support

Prototype Operations and PMA Solutions

  • End-to-end coordination with suppliers and tracking delivery of prototype parts
  • Developing plan for every part
  • Project management and analysis for parts

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering_Product validation support

Product Validation Support

  • Developing:
  • Design validation
  • Vehicle evaluation and validation
  • Validation reports
  • Reviewing and supporting issues
  • Designing validation testing

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering_Change control

Change Control

  • Supporting change control during all stages of product development – from prototype to product launch by considering lead times, design interfaces, costs, and weights

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering_Benchmarking Support

Benchmarking Support

  • Quantifying performance to enable performance comparison with industry peers
  • Identifying performance gaps, defining actions necessary to close
  • ...
    gaps, develop compelling value proposition to achieve world-class performance

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering_New Model support

New Model Support

  • Supporting development of new models - frames, structures

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering support_Bill of Materials (BoM) Support

Bill of Materials (BoM) Support

  • Supporting D&R Engineers in Functional Engineering areas
  • Supporting EPA SME
  • Supporting BoM tool
  • Enabling analysts in functional
  • areas to support D&R engineers
  • Data Entry of BOM details in CRs

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering support_Supplier mgmt

Supplier Management

  • Controlling Quality Analysis with suppliers
  • Driving suppliers for quick analysis of parts
  • Managing and coordinating quality with
  • ...suppliers
  • Managing full service suppliers to maintain project timelines and cost
  • Developing 2D sections and proposals to incorporate data from suppliers
  • Working with suppliers to develop and track delivery of key components

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering support_Product cost & weight validation

Product Cost & Weight Validation

  • Assisting functional engineering areas and supporting D&R engineers to support many downstream deliverables - product cost, weight, investment, design, etc.
  • ...
  • Identifying and delivering cost reduction actions to achieve cost reduction targets
  • Reconciling support cost, Weight, and investment reporting
  • Developing tool to capture all calculations required for Global Regulatory Compliance for Weight and provide engineers the interface and reports

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering support_Color analysis

Color Analysis

  • Checking suitability of colors
  • Checking adhesiveness
  • Validation and quality control

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering support_Design validation

Design Validation

  • Electronic Design Validation System/Tool to enable engineering and testing teams to validate, document, signoff, and report test findings to engineers and suppliers
  • Supporting suppliers to test, validate,
  • ... and proactively report with evidence on non-compliance issues
  • Electronic Design Validation System/Tool for BoM and parts:
  • Facilitates planning, testing, validating, documenting, and reporting results to management for planning actions to resolve issues

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering support_Planning - Scheduling - Timing

Planning /Scheduling /Timing

  • Loading problems identified in program cycles or build and test phases
  • Electronic Validation System to support timing and planning of parts ordered
  • Supporting development of project plan
  • ...and schedule for prototype and product development
  • Supplier management to maintain program/project timing and cost as per BOM
  • Developing dashboard to notify team of upcoming project milestones/ due dates; end to end project management

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering support_Feasibility analysis support

Feasibility Analysis Report

  • Investigating feasibility of exterior/interior vehicle-Class A surface to diagnose and propose issue resolutions
  • Developing proposal for vehicle surface and/or engineering to provide optimized
  • solution, resolve issues, and modify/mature the surface for feasibility assessment milestone
  • Studying surface feasibility, tolerances, and preparing design to guide modifications
  • Providing technical details and track feasibility throughout the product delivery time-line
  • Applying mechanical engineering principles to identify issues

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering support_Issue Management

Issue Management

  • Addressing vehicle assembly issues and making necessary design changes
  • Collaborating with craftsmanship, D&R, and studio engineers to resolve compliance issues
  • ...
  • Generating customizable reports and charts for issues tracking
  • Providing issue resolution for technical aspects with the help of skilled and experienced SMEs
  • Identifying and escalating issues in prototype development and operations
  • Working with suppliers and/or cross functional teams to resolve issues
  • Monitoring part/order availability database and follow up on containment plan issues
  • Addressing and tracking issues with suppliers
  • Supporting production launch: addressing issues

Ciber_Webpage_Engineering support_Value Engineering support

Value Engineering Support

  • Assessing and redefining manufacturing processes
  • Ensuring process adherence for high levels of outbound product QA

Ciber_Webpage_Program Project management_Program management support

Program Management Support

  • Assisting Engineering with Program BOM/Release development, management, and delivery
  • Waterfall development and alignment
  • Sourcing strategies for new programs
  • ...
  • Supporting Process Lead initiatives, cost, weight and investment reporting and reconciliation
  • Developing BOM Maturity Model

Ciber_Webpage_Program Project management_Milestone tracking

Milestone Tracking

  • Developing notification /dashboard for upcoming project milestone/due dates and deliverables; project tracking from start to finish
  • Supporting Engineering Team and
  • ... Change Management for milestone deliverables
  • Tracking and verifying part order database for its specific milestone; developing containment plan with cross functional team to address potential delays
  • Verifying program milestones and providing solutions to address delays

Ciber_Webpage_Program Project management_Launch support

Launch Support

  • Supporting Engineering Changes from Initial Concept through Production Launch
  • Supporting Current Production Launch

Ciber_Webpage_Program Project management_Process Improvement support

Process Improvement

  • Recommending process improvements in material management
  • Facilitating identification and documentation of continuous processes improvement opportunities
  • ...
  • Managing process improvement roadmap to deliver quality targets
  • Creating and implementing process improvement ideas to book improvements in the roadmap

Ciber_Webpage_Program Project management_Administration


  • Tracking SharePoint System:
  • Providing Admin Tables to manage all project ids (active/closed)
  • Implementing, administering, and maintaining Global SharePoint sites
  • ...
  • Designing SharePoint site with robust programming and work task functionality and developing administrative table for site security

Ciber_Webpage_Program Project management_Planning - Scheduling - Timing

Planning /Scheduling /Timing

  • Identifying loading problems associated with program cycles or build and test phases
  • Supporting timing and planning of parts ordered with Electronic Validation
  • ...System
  • Supporting prototype and product development by developing project plan and schedule
  • Managing suppliers to maintain program/project timing and cost as per BOM
  • Developing dashboard to notify upcoming milestones / due dates
  • Supporting end to end project management

Ciber_Webpage_Program Project management_Marketing & Media support

Marketing & Media Support

  • Empowering your team get a better grasp of customer preferences, behavior, and purchase trends
  • Designing effective marketing strategy based on marketing and media
  • ...intelligence
  • Helping social media marketing strategy
  • Implementing Content Management System for Website and other marketing collaterals
  • Enabling Social Media marketing campaign

Ciber_Webpage_Program Project management_Warranty support

Warranty Support

  • Supporting warranty resolution - quality actions on current model year Unibody programs
  • Reducing Recalls and Warranty Spikes through improved System Engineering
  • ...
  • Reviewing pre-production vehicles for potential campaign-able warranty impact
  • Analysis of Labor Hours distributions for Top Warranty Spend parts
  • Verification and validation of Warranty Spend Reduction projects
  • Data mining to provide Warranty Spend Savings estimates on new projects
  • Periodic updates to Top 100 Warranty Spend parts list, to determine trends and opportunities

Ciber_Webpage_Program Project management_Documentation support

Documentation Support

  • Documentation of issues, actions taken to resolve issues, and their verification details
  • Coordinating and managing Prototype Management process documentation
  • Supporting project teams with accurate and
  • ...timely documentation
  • Assisting the development of training/documentation and rolling it out to project teams
  • Documentation required for issue tracking and resolution

Ciber_Webpage_Program Project management_Asset optimization

Asset Optimization

  • Extracting insights from various sources of data captured to predict and prevent problems
  • Optimizing product quality and asset utilization to create dynamic production lines
  • integrating existing local and available external data
  • Creating the management system to optimize working capital and distribution network leading to reduction of overall costs

Ciber_Webpage_Infrastructure support_Networking


  • Remote monitoring of production assets
  • Networked machinery to monitor production process
  • Network monitoring solutions

Ciber_Webpage_Infrastructure support_Cybersecurity


  • Protecting customer database from identity threats
  • Establishing the formal cybersecurity governance program
  • Prioritizing actions based on risk profiles

Ciber_Webpage_Infrastructure support_User management

User Management

  • Identity and Access Management

Ciber_Webpage_Infrastructure support_Storage back-up

Storage Backup

  • Backup for unstructured data storage
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery For all data and applications

Ciber_Webpage_Infrastructure support_Configuration management

Configuration Management

  • Physical Part data review
  • Cross-Vehicle Line Change Management

Ciber_Webpage_Infrastructure support_IT hardware maintenance

IT Hardware Maintenance

  • Minimizing downtime
  • Disaster recovery
  • Maintenance of data centre hardware maintenance
  • IT infrastructure management services

Ciber_Webpage_Infrastructure support_Data center support

Data Center Support

  • IT database and tools to develop global solutions
  • Data management of BOM information

Ciber_Webpage_Infrastructure support_Share point


  • Automating document tracking
  • Project tracking systems
  • Setting up and managing new project teams
  • Portfolio Reporting / Dashboard for
  • Migrating all programming to SharePoint 365
  • Updating, finding, fixing, and maintenance of current SharePoint tool
  • Providing expansion of current tool to support additional requirements

Ciber_Webpage_Solutions_Application & Dashboard creation (OTF)

Application and Dashboard Creation

  • Assisting global product management analysis
  • Readiness Unification
  • Standardizing reporting
  • Batching strategy
  • ...
  • Java integration - continuous improvement

Ciber_Webpage_Solutions_Artificial Intelligence tools

Artificial Intelligence Tools

  • Detecting production flaws
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Responding to real-time changes in demand across the supply chain
  • Assembly line integration
  • Generative design

Ciber_Webpage_Solutions_Business Intelligence - Visualization tools

Business Intelligence / Visualization tools

  • Sales forecasting and demand management
  • Dynamic inventory management



  • Maintaining tracking files and reporting it to management
  • Issues tracking
  • Facilitating CAD progression reporting and meeting
  • ...
  • Developing data for daily reporting and for point in time
  • Project status reporting

Ciber_Webpage_Solutions_Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and Support

  • On-site local engineering and building support for electrical design systems
  • Supporting
  • Systems analysis
  • Craftsmanship fit and finish
  • ...
  • VEV technical infrastructure
  • Providing WERS support

Ciber_Webpage_Solutions_Research idea management

Research Idea Management

  • Developing tool to collate employees ideas to analyze and evaluate them
  • Shortlisting best ideas with senior management's help
  • Deploying the best ideas to market
  • ...quickly and increasing productivity
  • Tracking the progress of ideas



  • Identifying performance gaps and defining remedial actions to close the gaps

Ciber_Webpage_Supply chain management support_Supplier mgmt

Supplier Management

  • Assisting QA process
  • Maintaining program timing and cost by managing Full-Service Supplier(FSS)
  • Resolving supplier escalated issues
  • Providing technical support and training

Ciber_Webpage_Supply chain management support_Logistics control

Logistics Control

  • Developing engineering proposals and delivery plans
  • Tracking supplier activity

Ciber_Webpage_Supply chain management support_Inventory control

Inventory Control

  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Control
  • Ordering and reordering
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Inventory tracker

Ciber_Webpage_Supply chain management support_Supplier Accountability-KPIs

Supplier Accountability-KPIs

  • Developing engineering proposals and delivery plans

Ciber_Webpage_Plant support_Plant IT Infrastructure Support

Plant IT Infrastructure Support

  • Workplace services
  • Network services
  • Hybrid IT services

Ciber_Webpage_Plant support_On-site part rework support

On-site Part Rework Support

  • Managing engineering support for internal plant issues
  • Supporting plant during parts shortage
  • Supporting plant build onsite

Ciber_Webpage_Plant support_Testing - Lab


  • State-of-the-art testing/lab compliant to ISO, IEC, and SAE standards for seamless software development, simulation, and testing