Monday, February 22, 2016

Voice of the Client : Video – Authorization Process Manager for SAP

Video Success Story

Save time and reduce costs with Ciber’s Compliance Suite for SAP applications

Authorization errors can block test cases for hours, waste precious time, generate risks, and build frustration in projects. With Ciber’s Authorization Process Manager solution, authorization specialists and testers can work independently and report changes and errors in a new, simple and intuitive way.

Watch the video and learn how to leave delays behind with Ciber’s Authorization Process Manager solution for SAP applications:

With Ciber’s  Authorization Process Manager for SAP applications, you can build and optimize roles to support implemented business processes at the design stage.  Reduce cost and time by documenting exact missing values, which makes role development easier, quicker, transparent and accurate.  With implementation in less than a week and a typical ROI of less than a year, this unique add-on solution by Ciber has more than 100 global customers.

Align users to their roles with Ciber’s Usage Monitor for SAP applications

Understand and manage your license costs with visibility into user roles and usage.  With Ciber’s Usage Monitor for SAP applications, the dashboard provides continuous tracking of license usage so that you can reduce access risk by removing unused roles from users and align users with actual needs and roles, which decreases overall license costs.

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