Thursday, March 09, 2017

NelsonHall NEAT Evaluation

Software Testing – Consulting Focus

Get the NEAT Evaluation and find out why Ciber is a software testing leader

NelsonHall’s Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) helps strategic sourcing managers evaluate outsourcing vendors. The NEAT tool assesses vendors against their ability to deliver immediate benefit to buy-side organizations and their ability to meet client future requirements. The report includes a pragmatic look at the vendor’s ability to take clients on an innovation journey over the lifetime of their next contract.

Drive higher ROI with Ciber’s unique methodology for optimized testing

Ciber’s Test Optimization solution optimizes the number of test cases and increases test coverage with its own methodology which includes the Conditional Test Model and Optimal Pathing. This approach reduces maintenance by 65% to 85%, and accelerates application time to market.

Download the NelsonHall NEAT Evaluation (pdf)


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