Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Three-State Group Consortium Administering a US State Government-Run Nutrition Program

Success Story

WIC solution for the client

The client, a three-state group comprised of the WIC programs from Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, was empowered by FNS to create a state agency model (SAM) WIC solution. The program is delivered in local county offices throughout each of the three states.

One WIC system shared by multiple states

Ciber was awarded the contract to build the client’s WIC web-based information system, and for several years, Ciber designed, constructed and implemented the robust and flexible system in all three states. The client’s WIC web-based application was built to utilize smart-client architecture to couple the features of intelligent network usage with a high-quality user interface, constructed via Windows forms. The smart-client architecture, which is constructed on Microsoft’s .NET framework, improves the user experience and data presentation while still maintaining all of the benefits of a web-based application.

The client’s WIC web-based application is the most functionally robust system ever constructed for the WIC community. Technically, it uses state-of-the-art, smart-client technology, standard data elements, open-system architecture and modular components from which states can pick and choose. It is fully compliant with FNS regulations and flexible for future enhancements with its data-driven design.

Established and proven WIC solutions from Ciber

Ciber has successfully developed and deployed numerous WIC solutions on various platforms including web-based and smart-client architectures. This broad foundation uniquely qualifies Ciber to transfer and customize our solution to meet your agency’s specific needs.

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