Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Danish Government Petroleum Stockholding Entity

Updating a cloud-based system for efficient management

The European Union’s dependency on imports of petroleum products is an increasing cause for concern for European economic prospects. The client was established and ran in close cooperation between the oil companies and the energy authorities and played a central role in Danish emergency oil management in the event of oil supply crisis or war. The client’s business is mission critical. Correct reporting and management of oil storage is important for the client, so the quality of data collection is more important than efficiency.

However, the client was still using spreadsheets to collect, process and report data on oil supply, usage and specification of stock from different countries. With more than 70 companies registered with the client, this meant more than 70 reports monthly were handled by email. So, getting a report approved and managing the oil data required enormous time and effort, especially when something was wrong.

Learn how Ciber took on the task and built a new system for monthly reporting:

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