Test Optimization

For organizations that are fine-tuning their software development life cycles to build business-ready applications, test optimization can pay dividends by significantly increasing the efficiency of testing processes.

Ciber’s unique methodology for optimized testing drives higher ROI

Ciber Conditional Test Model and Ciber Optimal Pathing are proven methods for deriving optimized combinations of realistic circumstances. The Ciber Conditional Test Model applies knowledge that “lives” in test cases and scripts. Ciber’s Optimal Pathing method is a technique used for achieving maximum test coverage with minimum number of test cases.

Three-Step Test Optimization and automation benefits:

1. Ciber Conditional Test Model

  • Unique mapping from requirements to test which leads to more effective test coverage
  • Flexible coverage footprints allow rapid re-planning when release content shifts; accelerating testing
  • Isolates defects faster for quicker repair and zero defects released into production, reducing operational costs
  • Maintenance is reduced by 65% – 85%

2. Ciber Optimal Pathing

  • Reduction in product development costs drive more competitive pricing
  • Speed to market accelerated 25% to 50%
  • Better process reduces defects entering production for improved product quality, user satisfaction and brand image

3. Ciber Modular Rapid automation

  • Plug and play framework to automate efficient coverage
  • Designed to quickly address your needs while providing more accurate, robust, and efficient coverage
  • Low-maintenance shared libraries and repositories designed for high re-use

Ciber’s Test Optimization approach provides huge benefits

Development and quality assurance teams can increase both the speed and accuracy of testing processes, and an organization’s IT department can achieve a higher ROI from software projects while reducing risk.

  • An accelerated time to market
  • Shorter test cycle time leads to lower resources and cost savings
  • Maximum test coverage with minimum number of test cases
  • Lower test maintenance efforts and costs

Ciber brings quality assurance and testing expertise

Ciber assures your testing initiative establishes quality as a foundation for your development processes. Ciber’s talented quality assurance professionals, process-improvement expertise and pragmatic approaches to software testing help clients realize the return on investment for your application initiatives.

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