Supply Chain Analytics

Today’s supply chains are characterized by the need for speed in planning and execution. There is constant pressure to reduce costs while simultaneously improving customer service. Supply chain complexity has increased dramatically with global sourcing strategies. Companies like Amazon have developed game-changing strategies in customer service that are challenging all companies to compete at a higher level. Our deep and extensive experience can provide clients with thought leadership and practical solutions to compete in this rapidly evolving environment.

Overcome Supply Chain challenges

Many organizations need to:

  • Improve customer service levels
  • Decrease backorders and long delivery lead times
  • Resolve conflicting metrics generated from organizational silos
  • Increase inventory asset utilization
  • Get better insight to drill down into data to research the root cause of issues

Robust Supply Chain Analytics tools can produce a 5 – 10% overall reduction in supply chain costs. Clients across multiple industries have achieved millions of dollars in inventory reductions, productivity improvements and customer service level increases.

Partner with a Supply Chain Analytics expert

Ciber has over 40 years of hands on experience in managing complex, global supply chains and more than 30 years of utilizing supply chain dashboards and analytical tools to manage a network of distribution centers, transportation providers and a retail dealer network in a Fortune100 organization. We have designed, developed, deployed and delivered post-launch support of supply chain dashboards and analytical tools to major clients in the automotive and heavy manufacturing industries

Ciber utilizes a flexible approach to design and build the solution in a manner that is tailored to the client’s needs versus a typically rigid process used in most commercial software packages. Our flexible design allows our solution to be easily adapted and deployed for many other industries – for anyone who needs to manage their supply chain – including consumer packaged goods, telecommunications and healthcare.


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