SAP Manufacturing Execution

With today’s global manufacturing enterprises, it’s more important than ever to implement tools that can streamline your workflow while increasing visibility across your organization. Maintaining a competitive edge requires meeting new challenges head on. Manufacturing plants and teams are often scattered around the world, often using different, and sometimes legacy, software systems to manage workflow. This makes it difficult to track data or provide accurate information and analytics across plant sites and work in progress. This lack of information can easily result in inconsistent processes and delayed delivery schedules. Successful, competitive companies use tools that provide visibility into data and processes from the shop floor to the executive office.

Drive better productivity — from the top down

Ciber’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) powered by SAP’s Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) application, provides clarity for production, warehouse and maintenance personnel with fewer risks and lower costs than a traditional implementation. The solution is focused on continuous improvement, integration of plant applications, real-time analytics, and planning and scheduling with functions that include:

  • Dispatching
  • Order prioritization and sequencing
  • Shop-floor execution
  • Quality data capture and reporting
  • Downtime event data capture and reporting
  • Enhanced tracking and traceability
  • Reporting and analysis of key process indicators

By providing real-time analytics, Ciber’s Manufacturing Execution System can help you constantly optimize your operations, from finding ways to better integrate your plant applications and maximizing planning and scheduling to improving shop-floor execution and enhancing tracking and traceability.

Prepare for manufacturing transformation

Every manufacturing company has its unique challenges. Custom solutions are expensive. Customized implementations are not. The Ciber MES solution addresses the unique challenges of your business while leveraging SAP tools within the SAP ecosystem.

  • Scale to size of plant
  • Customize for complex or simple processes and variations between plants
  • Integrate with various existing applications and systems
  • Customize to business focus/metrics

All SAP solutions work together to ensure compliance in processes and to consistently meet customer requirements.

Ciber SAP manufacturing implementations enable effective operations:

  • Synchronize business processes better
  • Improve visibility across plant operations
  • Seamlessly create manufacturing reports from multiple data sources
  • Turn ERP and shop-floor data into comprehensive manufacturing analytics
  • Improve knowledge of works in progress
  • Enable plant-from-ERP local survivability
  • Responsive UI works across PCs, tablets, smart phones and industrial barcode scanners

Ciber brings in-depth manufacturing expertise

By leveraging more than 40 years of Ciber global SAP and manufacturing experience, clients are uniquely positioned to address challenges of any shape and size. Ciber has been there before. With in-depth knowledge of how your specific processes work and the expertise to pair the right technical solutions to your manufacturing needs, we can help your company communicate more effectively, operate more efficiently and, ultimately, gain a sustainable competitive advantage.


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