Performance Services

What your company defines as success changes as you implement business transformation initiatives, including the implementation of new technology, strategies and processes. To be sure a change initiative meets your objectives, you need to establish goals and monitor performance against them on a regular basis. A proactive approach to performance monitoring enables your organization to achieve exceptional performance through your people.

We measure it so you can manage it

At Ciber, how people learn, perform and adapt to change is our business. We utilize leading-edge performance management approaches, enabled by technology and infrastructure, to improve individual and organizational effectiveness and create sustainable change. Learning to use a new technology such as an ERP or a CRM solution, adopting a new cloud strategy and architecture, or mastering any new business process is complicated and can seem overwhelming. We’re skilled at providing continuous monitoring and performance evaluation to simplify these approaches and ensure your change initiatives yield a continual ROI.

Performance management begins with getting clarity on expectations. One of the main reasons that change initiatives fail today is because employees are left unclear about what the changes mean to them at the performance level. They’ve been trained what to do differently to make the change work, but new performance expectations and an understanding of how they will be measured have not been clearly identified and/or communicated.

Ciber’s Performance Services will equip your organization to:

  • Develop Key Process Indicators (KPI’s) based on new processes
  • Audit KPI’s for accuracy
  • Monitor newly implemented processes for further improvement
  • Build on improvement by monitoring business changes that impact your organization and employees
  • Report results to relevant stakeholders

Partner with Performance Services experts

Our approach to performance management enables you to implement a structured, systematic process to monitor and measure success, and motivate and inform the individuals and teams impacted by your transformation initiatives.

At Ciber, our practitioners are the foundation of our Change Learning and Performance practice and Performance Services. Our resources average 18+ years of business transformation experience and have experience working with a multitude of technologies.

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