Organizational Change Management

Being agile and flexible today is a matter of survival. In a business environment where change is occurring at an exponential rate, only those that can adapt to change will succeed. All too often however, people-related issues block an organization’s path to success. In fact, research indicates that as many as 75 percent of change initiatives fall short of expectations due to employee resistance, lack of clarity, and an absence of leadership support.

Change is our business

At Ciber, how people learn, perform and adapt to change is our business. Our Organizational Change Management (OCM) services focus on the people and process side of business transformation which leads to technology adoption. Whether you are going through a merger or acquisition, right sizing to reduce costs, centralizing functions or implementing new technology such as an ERP or a CRM solution, we have the resources and experience to help you navigate a path to success by accepting these business transformations.

None of us have been taught to change; it’s something we have to learn to do. At Ciber, we understand that spearheading effective change requires a leadership-driven methodology that builds a strong team of people committed to driving change and develops the vision, process and actions required to implement change.

The scope of our OCM services include 


  • Organizational design
  • Change adoption strategy
  • Communications strategy
  • Stakeholder engagement plan and roadmaps
  • Leadership alignment


  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Culture Assessment
  • Organizational Impact Analysis
  • Culture Mapping


  • Communication deployment
  • Leadership alignment
  • Change agent workshops

Partner with OCM experts

At Ciber, our practitioners are the foundation of our Change, Learning and Performance practice and OCM Services. Our resources average more than 18 years of business transformation experience and have experience working with a multitude of technologies. As one of the only consulting resources with a dedicated, stand-alone Change, Learning and Performance practice, a proprietary best-in-class OCM Knowledge Database, and a broad spectrum of industry, technology and business transformation experience, we are uniquely positioned to move our clients to a state of continued improvement and optimization.

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