Oracle User Experience

An enjoyable and intuitive user experience (UX) is something that we have come to expect, but despite those expectations, we’ve all come across an application that just doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s difficult to navigate because of a poor user interface, or perhaps it’s cumbersome to access because the content doesn’t adapt well to the size of a mobile device. Either way, whether our goal is communicating with coworkers or submitting business-critical documents up the line, a poorly designed UX degrades efficiency and productivity. And for professionals in higher education and healthcare, subpar UX is more than just a nuisance. It can be detrimental to issues such as:
  • Digital record management
  • Recruitment
  • Communication
  • Employee retention
  • Fundraising
Meet and exceed user-experience expectations An intuitive experience can deliver truly impactful business results, especially when it comes to helping organizations that struggle with multiple divisions, unbranded portals, siloed data and a lack of standardization. Ciber’s User Experience solution works with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Interaction Hub to seamlessly integrate disparate systems, unite data from multiple sources and standardize content and applications across various groups, all while maintaining a simple and intuitive interface. With a mobile solution that’s built in, our UX solution contributes to:
  • Ensuring that users spend time on productive work rather than hunting, pecking and working around a poorly built interface
  • Unifying the experience across all users by removing the need for cumbersome native app maintenance
  • Establishing brand-specific visual elements
  • Building trust and engagement through modern web techniques
  • Maximizing investment in Oracle technology
Better higher-education experiences and stronger results With more than 1,00 Oracle and PeopleSoft customers, Ciber has vast experience implementing UX solutions for higher-education institutions, so we’re prepared to avoid common pitfalls associated with traditional education portals. Our intuitive UX is capable of delivering a scalable solution that will exceed your expectations, minimize user frustration, simplify deployment and reduce costs. Learn more: Intuitive UX for Higher Education (PDF) >

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