Oracle Traditional ERP

Your business needs to move forward, but you are being held back by legacy ERP systems. Whether they have reached the end of their lifecycle, become too costly to maintain, are not a match for your company’s vision or do not have the capabilities you’ll need in the future, it’s time to retool. It’s time to find an ERP partner as active and engaged in your transition as you are: a partner aligned with your goals, who has the expertise to understand your industry and is a cost-effective ally as you transform the way your organization operates. Ciber has a proven approach to implementation You are essentially changing the architecture of your company. You are transforming the way information moves through the organization, who uses it, how they use it and what the data can do. Ciber’s battle-tested change-management strategies bring together the personnel, the processes and the technology required to ensure success. It’s an exercise in organization and project management that we have practiced over and over again with clients large and small. Ciber is an Oracle Preferred Vendor, and we follow best-practice design for Oracle and PeopleSoft products. We have an experienced and innovative consulting team who align with your goals and follow a proven road map:
  • Initiation – Identify objectives, assess risk and establish deliverables
  • Planning – Design the appropriate solution and create an overall project plan
  • Execution – Establish a change-control process, a communication strategy and an issue-management process
  • Closure – Ensure a complete transition plan is in place from our team to yours
Modern ERP applications As a Platinum Oracle partner, Ciber can offer a suite of industry-transforming Oracle and PeopleSoft solutions, including: Business intelligence analytics – Incorporating business-intelligence analytics and reporting into core business operations gives you greater transparency into your operations through innovative and intuitive dashboards, presentations and reporting. User Experience Solutions – Ciber’s user-experience solution works with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Interaction Hub to seamlessly integrate disparate systems, unite data from multiple sources and standardize content and applications across various groups, all while maintaining a simple and intuitive interface. Edge Applications – Ciber’s offerings in this discipline help turn a variety of business-process issues, such as talent management and customer service, into strategic and valuable company assets. Move forward with confidence Ciber is the Oracle partner to take you into the future with certainty. Engage with Ciber today, and ensure you get the optimum Oracle ERP solution.

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