Oracle Cloud

With traditional ERP systems, organizations face rapidly diminishing returns and stifled innovation. Most organizations understand that cloud-based applications are the path to cost-effective and business-aligned systems. But the way to make a complete transition with your current IT landscape is not always obvious. Rather than a difficult change of course, Ciber's Oracle Cloud solution represents a natural progression from current systems. Through a variety of assessment, migration and management tools, industry-leading organizations are already tapping into the increased agility, innovation and business value that cloud computing has to offer. Your cloud action plan At Ciber, we understand that transitioning from your existing system can feel like a disruptive step on your technology road map. That’s why we offer ERP cloud assessment, deployment and management solutions that help to optimize your migration to the cloud. Your ERP system is intended to help keep operations stable, not shake them up. Rather than making a blind leap of faith, Ciber’s Cloud Blueprint provides a strategic assessment of the advantages of moving to the cloud. And our hybrid cloud migration approaches honor legacy infrastructures. Through both incremental cloud migrations and complete deployment, we have the Oracle expertise needed to ensure your Oracle Cloud is tailored to your business and infrastructure needs. With Ciber, choosing the path toward Oracle Cloud means choosing:
  • Cost savings
  • Increased agility and flexibility
  • Streamlined processing
  • Improved performance

Ciber is an Oracle cloud innovator

As a platinum-level member of the Oracle Partner Network since 1990, Ciber helps our clients to successfully navigate the Cloud migration process. Trust the PeopleSoft and cloud expertise of Ciber as a Platinum-level member of Oracle Partner Network (OPN) since 1990. Ciber has helped more than 1,000 clients in more than 2,000 separate Oracle engagements. With model configuration, data conversion templates and other project strategies in place, Ciber can greatly accelerate your implementation.

  Learn more: Ciber Cloud Blueprint for Oracle Higher Education (PDF) >

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