Modernization Blueprints

Applications are becoming outdated and costs are too high. Analysts will tell you that three-quarters of IT budgets get spent on keep-the-lights-on functions and less than a quarter gets spent on new projects. Current applications don’t keep pace with the speed of business. Many organizations also acknowledge that a third of applications could be retired. The pressure to leave behind high costs and move to agile digital business environments is strong.

Build a business case for transformation investment

  • It takes a very convincing plan to justify the technology investments needed to enable your business to compete. Ciber’s Modernization Blueprints provide a business case to achieve greater efficiency with a lower overall cost, and a rationalized, right-sized portfolio of applications that will support business growth.
  • Modernization Blueprints help organizations identify, categorize, evaluate, prioritize, acquire and manage technology assets, investments and projects, and align them with business strategies, goals and objectives. A Modernization Blueprint creates an actionable roadmap that guides the way forward, a business case to gain executive buy-in, and outcome-driven release plans to deliver incremental value and ROI. Our Modernization Blueprints provide a well-grounded basis for effective decision making and a roadmap for accelerating value delivery while reducing implementation risk.

Partner with go-fast and go-steady experts

Ciber is the modernization and transformation services provider who can accelerate your go-fast initiatives and help keep business running with go-steady optimization and support.

  • We bring modernization experts to address unique client situations
  • We take a vendor-agnostic approach to provide an independent assessment of our client’s technology environment and unbiased guidance on a roadmap for modernization.
  • Our recommendations are fit for purpose and suggest the minimum required actions to meet business goals and achieve desired results, identifying solutions that deliver optimal business value and a cost-effective approach.
  • Right-sized – we are small enough to care and big enough to deliver. We are nimble and responsive to client needs.

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