Learning Services

The rate of change in our world today is increasing faster than ever before. Evidence is everywhere you look – in the shrinking life cycle of products, the growing rate of mergers and acquisitions, and the increasing number of regulatory requirements. Only those that can readily adapt to change will succeed.

Learning is a key component for successful organizations to adopt a structured and formal approach to their change initiatives, one that includes training as a critical component. Training enables the individuals impacted by change to proactively build the skills and capabilities required to successfully implement and sustain a business transformation.

A talent for training 

At Ciber, how people learn, perform and adapt to change is our business. We offer a customized training solution that mitigates risk, while enhancing both an individual’s and your organization’s performance. Our Learning Services include curriculum design, unique eLearning approaches and ongoing to support to deliver training and evaluate its effectiveness. Whether you are implementing new technology such as an ERP or a CRM solution, adopting a new Cloud strategy and architecture, or re-engineering your business processes, we have the resources and experience to help you train your team for success.

At Ciber, we understand that implementing effective change requires the development and deployment of an organizational learning strategy based on a sound learning methodology. Ciber’s Training Services will equip your organization to:

  • Identify the skills and capabilities that employees need to adapt
  • Pinpoint any gaps between current skills and required skills
  • Develop customized training programs that include educational gaming and other leading edge eLearning techniques
  • Enable you to reach your performance goals
  • Continually optimize for a competitive edge

Partner with training experts

Partnering with Ciber to create successful change in your organization equips you to continuously improve your performance and outperform your competition. Our experience indicates that organizations that improvise their approach to change and fail to train report only a 36 percent success rate. Our customized training approach helps mitigate significant risks involved with the adoption of new processes and new technology, including all ERP, CRM, and Cloud solutions, while enhancing both an individual’s and your organization’s performance.

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