Lean Agile Services

Have you tried to implement Agile development methods but didn’t get the results you expected? You’re not alone. Your development team may not have the skills to create modern enterprise-scale applications and scale effectively to meet peak demand. If you’d like to move forward quickly and successfully with Agile development and avoid long ramp-up cycles, work with Ciber to increase the velocity of application development and keep up with changing business models.

Every client is at a different agile development maturity level. Some are just starting out while others have been able to increase their impact. Our service offerings are adaptable to these different capability and maturity levels, and help move your team up the scale so they’re adding more value to your organization. Ciber understands how modern application development teams work, and can help your teams become a catalyst for change in your organization.

Agile teams and role-based training make a difference

Lean Agile services provide Lean Agile development capabilities that can be quickly deployed to accelerate clients’ transformation initiatives.

  • Team and Coach Assessments
    Consistency across teams and coaches plague most companies, even those with established digital transformation programs. Evaluate inconsistencies and identify practical action plans. Teams can be deployed to support different agile methods.
  • Agile Team Immersion Training
    An immersive learning program that turns traditional delivery teams into agile delivery teams, by reinforcing processes, behaviors and ceremonies of high-performing Lean Agile teams.

Partner with Ciber to drive Lean Agile transformation

Ciber utilizes Lean Agile methodologies to deliver business value to clients. As change agents, Ciber’s Agile experts move transformation forward and help organizations to reach their full potential by embracing Lean Agile adoption best practices, Agile values and Lean thinking. Ciber also offers Agile Transformation Services, Business Transformation Office services and Organizational Change Management services to help move initiatives forward quickly.