Information Management Assessment

IT and business leaders are painfully aware of how data quality and management issues hold their business back. Companies who are ready to make significant progress towards strong digital business performance can get on a clear path to consistent and actionable reporting with Ciber’s Information Management Assessment.

Quality information is a foundational element for conducting digital business. Ciber’s strong Information Management team brings a proven Information Management Methodology designed to improve an organization’s data, processes and applications and ultimately grow their business. We manage the entire data transformation lifecycle:

Transform your business by understanding data management opportunities

Ciber’s Information Management Assessment is a solution that helps clients identify opportunities to improve their information management capabilities.

  • Data Warehouse – effective and efficient storage of needed data for historical and analytical purposes.
  • Data Integration (ETL and ELT) – effective and timely movement and transformation of data between source and destination systems.
  • Master Data – creating and maintaining a golden record and single source of the truth for consistent referencing.
  • Reporting – generating value from raw data within a company’s data stores, ranging from reactionary to predictive.
  • Data Governance – putting a strategy in place to manage the lifecycle of data, including ownership, maintenance and business utilization.

Depending on your organizational needs and priorities, your Information Management Assessment can be conducted in approximately 12 – 15 weeks, and includes multiple phases that each provide clients with a set of deliverables:

  • Assessment Initiation
  • Current State Mapping and Analysis
  • Target State Vision Development
  • Gap Analysis and Transformation Development
  • Roadmap Creation

Work with experts who understand your need to move at the speed of business

Ciber’s information management architect team members have an average of at least ten years’ experience delivering information architecture solutions. Ciber is right-sized, hands-on and collaborative with our clients. Ciber tailors its Information Management Methodology to match each’s client’s change objectives. Ciber is a Change Management expert and partners with clients to enable client self-sufficiency.

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