Higher Education Program Management

When it comes to the complex engagements undertaken by today’s higher education institutions, the stakes are always high. As a result, the relationships involved in the project are important. That’s why most higher-education engagements require early and ongoing executive-level (C-Suite and above) presence, buy-in and management of client politics while also managing solution teams. It requires experienced leaders who can anticipate risks, deliver risk-removal solutions and maintain or increase client confidence and adoption.

Be in the know every step of the way

At its core, Ciber’s Higher Education Project Management solution directs, integrates and focuses the work effort of constituent projects. More important, it also assists in reducing or eliminating project risks while helping you govern overall responsibility for the achievement of strategic outcomes and results as defined by executive management for the program.

Ciber’s Higher Education Program Management solution helps you govern five distinct project areas:

  • Governance: Define roles and responsibilities and provide oversight
  • Management: Plan and administer both project and the overall program
  • Financial management: Implement specific fiscal practices and controls
  • Infrastructure: Manage the technology and other factors in the work environment supporting the program effort
  • Planning: Monitor activities that take place at multiple levels with different goals

Ciber Higher Education Project Management solution delivers reliable outcomes

  • Receive actionable clarity for how to implement a major, multi-year initiative(s)
  • Navigate the change management with tangible benefits, greater confidence and mitigated risks
  • Provide governance over project services, resources, deliverables and risks
  • Utilize a framework for taking the “project pulse,” monitoring and providing status on individual project execution
  • Ensure compliance with established practices, policies and procedures

Ciber is a recognized higher-education leader

Ciber’s hundreds of higher-education clients are a testament to the trusted relationship with institutions for the last two decades. Ciber’s outcome-driven approach using proven change-management best practices creates stakeholder alignment and buy-in and facilitates change adoption. In turn, that guides implementation teams to successful delivery. Simply stated, no one else offers the broad expertise and years of experience Ciber does. Partner with Ciber and watch your higher-education engagement thrive.

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