Healthcare 360 Consumer Engagement

Today’s healthcare industry is in the midst of a new challenge to meet the demands of consumer-centric business models. Putting the individual at the heart of business and meeting their needs and expectations is essential — personalization is the key to success. However, for many healthcare organizations, this comes as a tall order.

While other industries have already adapted to the consumer-centric marketplace (think about the personalization of retail and financial services), healthcare is still playing catch up. And those at the head of the pack are actively investing in sophisticated technologies to transform their engagement efforts.

Deliver beyond expectations

Ciber understands that the relationships healthcare organizations maintain with their customers extend far beyond sales or administrative transactions. To innovate in the increasingly competitive marketplace, these organizations need to better address the entire consumer journey — from marketing and sales all the way through quality of care and cost transparency.

Ciber’s Healthcare 360 Consumer Engagement solution helps to pave the way for a personalized consumer experience by uniting the disjointed customer strategies and disparate ancillary systems that often plague a healthcare organization’s IT environment.

With our help, our clients work toward healthcare transformation by identifying and resolving key pain points in both business process and technology areas.

The results are both powerful and enduring. By providing consumers with a personalized, fully integrated experience, healthcare organizations gain the opportunity to tap into newfound areas for business growth and increased consumer wellness.

Discover the next big thing in healthcare consumer engagement

To bridge the gap between your current healthcare consumer engagement model and a modernized system, you need a strategic IT and business consulting partner that can guide you through the full project lifecycle, from strategy through implementation and beyond. With more than 20 years of industry expertise and a diverse portfolio of healthcare clients, the Ciber team is ready to be your healthcare transformation partner.

Regardless of where you are on your journey to a more consumer-centric business model, Ciber’s Healthcare 360 Consumer Engagement solution can help your business discover a focused approach to achieve topline growth in the new competitive battlefield of the customer experience.

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