Utilities today face unique challenges, from meeting consumers’ demand for flexibility in providing their energy needs to realizing the pressing need to alter their traditional business model. With the smart meter and smart grid revolution, data is exploding at rates never before seen in the industry. And with that explosion, comes the need for evolved technology. Utility companies are looking for a solution that can enable them to efficiently aggregate and act upon that data to drive nimble business decisions and ultimately yield sustainable competitive advantage.

Solve data challenges and embrace innovation

Simply stated, Energyworx is a meter-data-insight, cloud-based platform built to manage the distinctive big-data challenges the utilities industry faces. At its core, it’s designed to ensure that the energy world can keep pace with the immense and ever-growing data from the smart grid and its meters. Energyworx allows you to:

  • Increase production forecast from renewable and other energy-generation sources
  • Detect fraud and manage grid congestion beyond traditional SCADA systems
  • Get insight into your energy consumption by real-time energy usage and advice on alternative usage patterns
  • Meter data management without limitations and unmatched performance at lower cost than traditional on-premise solutions
  • Leverage a social energy app to reduce energy consumption and increase customer engagement

Ciber and Energyworx deliver game-changing solutions

  • Fast ramp-up
  • Unmatched processing speed
  • Unlimited scalability
  • High density and streaming data
  • Open standards and API
  • Pseudonymisation for user privacy
  • Pay-per-use model (software as a service)

Ciber is an energy and utility industry expert

For more than two decades, Ciber has been a trusted provider of global energy and utilities services. Ciber is Energyworx’s global IT services partner that helps energy and utility clients tap into the power of meter-data insight with the Energyworx platform and transform it into an end-to-end business solution that prepares utilities for transformation and innovation. Energyworx is Ciber’s solution for big data engagements in the energy and utilities industry.
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