Distributed Agile Custom Development

Organizations are being challenged to deliver application-development projects more quickly, with more flexibility, across distributed teams. Traditional linear development simply takes too long, often rendering requirements outdated before they can be fulfilled. Companies are looking for a solution that allows their distributed teams to stay on the same page, in spite of working in disparate geographies. Organizations need a solution that integrates business knowledge, enables clear communication, and ensures requirements have been understood and are being processed correctly, with the flexibility to alter mid-project. Improve collaboration and increase application effectiveness Ciber’s Distributed Agile Custom Development solution helps development projects to work at peak productivity. At its core, it’s a model of collaborating in distributed teams and fostering an iterative approach to development that enables efficient enterprise application programs. This approach seamlessly integrates teams across geographies, reduces travel costs, and makes smaller offshore teams more efficient. Harness agile methodologies for business
  • Improve speed with more frequent releases
  • Deliver better solutions specifically tailored to the requirements
  • Consistently meet expectations
  • Reduce time to market
  • Lower labor costs and administrative overhead
  • Increase direct collaboration between teams
  • Give you better control of your teams
Ciber understands the agile enterprise In addition to the traditional offshore and nearshore delivery-center capabilities, our strong regional delivery capabilities are leading the way in perfecting the distributed agile development model. Based on our successful implementations, you can be confident that our Distributed Agile Custom Development model can impact your business by eliminating the communication barriers of distributed teams, increasing efficiency, lowering costs and improving the quality of the end product.

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