DevOps Enablement

DevOps Enablement

Drive Agile Transformation with DevOps

DevOps provides a holistic solution and a common platform to bring business and technology together. DevOps primarily focuses on business needs and outcomes, and it streamlines and builds efficiency into all phases of software development

Ciber provides a highly integrated DevOps solution to drive change, and partners with clients to enable Agile transformation through automation of key processes in development, testing, virtualization, integration, delivery, release orchestration, monitoring and analytics.


Optimize your DevOps implementation

Ciber guides the effective implementation and usage of DevOps software factory tooling for continuous planning, integration, testing, delivery, and monitoring. We enable your teams, assess your DevOps adoption, and implement or optimize DevOps tools and processes. 

DevOps Dojo

The DevOps Dojo program is a 2-week DevOps academy course that focuses on best processes and techniques, with hand-on exercises using a DevOps Training Range.

DevOps Assessment

Ciber’s DevOps Assessment is a 2-week consulting engagement to build a strategy for implementation or improvement of a client’s DevOps environment.

DevOps Implementation

Our DevOps Implementation service includes installation and setup of a DevOps Software Factory or Software Factory components based on client environment and need.


Build a strong Agile DevOps-fueled business transformation

Partner with Ciber to gain Agile DevOps benefits. With Agile DevOps continuous delivery you get faster releases and accelerated time to market. Increased virtualization and automation reduce handoffs and latencies in development and testing processes. Continuous integration and innovative testing methods improve quality and reliability, and create a fail-fast mode for quick defect resolution.


Mid-Year Analysis of the 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps Report

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DevOps Enablement

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