Ciber WIC Management

Many state and local government WIC (Women, Infant and Children) programs face inherent headaches from relying on outdated legacy systems, and those headaches don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Not only is it frustrating for workers trying to manage these disjointed, manual and inefficient IT systems, it’s also wildly ineffective from a cost standpoint. Instead of WIC programs trying to make do with woefully inadequate workarounds, they need a modern alternative system that eloquently addresses their current lack of functionality and reporting capabilities.

State WIC program decision makers choose Ciber for ease of implementation and use

Get ready for a light year’s jump in capabilities and output. Ciber’s WIC Management solution is a best-in-class, full-featured information management system that can help you enhance data access and accuracy, improve service to participants and increase clinic staff efficiency and productivity. The system is also designed to:

  • Decrease errors and paperwork associated with maintaining participant files
  • Facilitate data sharing at the local, state and federal levels
  • Minimize the potential for fraud and abuse
  • Reduce training and system maintenance costs

Ciber’s proven approach ensures success

Ciber WIC Management can help you meet the 2020 Congressional Mandate for EBT implementation with the least amount of risk. Our solution can also help your agency:

  • Improve participant enrollment, from pre-application screening through intake and application processing
  • Implement full appointment scheduling
  • Enhance document scanning and management
  • Upgrade electronic signature capture
  • Manage food prescription assignment and tailoring
  • Streamline food instrument (FI) printing and issuance
  • Identify and refer participants to other services or assistance
  • Easily and immediately transfer participant records between clinics
  • Ensure procedures for preventing and resolving dual participation
  • Establish electronic benefit transfer (EBT) options
  • Access predefined and ad hoc reporting

Ciber is a WIC program leader

With experience like no other, Ciber offers WIC management like no other. We’ve led the way in transferring states to the new 2020 Congressional Mandate for EBT implementation, successfully helping ten states achieve the designation. We’ve developed and deployed numerous WIC solutions on various technical platforms, including web-based and smart client architectures. Our team knows the system, the domain and the project requirements, which is why Ciber’s solutions help WIC agencies serve more than 1.5 million WIC participants nationwide.

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