Business Transformation Office

Transformation is the mantra of the day for IT organizations and companies who feel constant pressure to meet the quickly changing needs of customers, industries, and markets.  Most organizations are taking on transformational initiatives, but find that their change management efforts are not well documented and that transformation efforts are challenging to execute successfully. Employees are resistant to change and traditional Project Management Offices (PMOs) aren’t equipped to drive high risk business critical efforts forward.

Organizational transformations have a success rate of less than 10% when taken on without holistic program management.  In addition, most initiatives fail to meet strategic goals. Organizational transformations are often very large, complex projects that require executive level leadership combined with expert program management, so it is essential to work with a partner who has helped organizations reach what are often daunting goals.

Drive high impact initiatives with a Business Transformation Office

A Business Transformation Office (BTO) is developed for the management and delivery of business transformations and change initiatives focusing on prioritization and delivering the business value. Ciber takes a sustainable approach by implementing transformation processes as an ongoing and reusable organizational change capability.

Ciber develops an organization’s BTO to execute on the vision and strategies established for the enterprise, team, or organization.  This focused and skilled team drives positive change and ensures the business value of each initiative is delivered to the organization.  BTO services include:

  • Discovery Assessment
  • BTO Design and Implementation
  • Business Transformation Roadmap
  • Business Transformation Execution and Delivery
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Ongoing Reporting and Metrics

Partner with business transformation experts

Ciber’s BTO approach makes organization more agile and proactive, enabling enterprises to lead rather than follow. Ciber’s BTO expertise, tools and methodology deliver increased transformational success rates, increased business value and ROI, and decreased employee resistance to change.

With more than 40 years of enterprise application development and project management experience, Ciber has a proven approach to successful client engagements. Our unique accelerators shorten time to value, and ensure smooth implementation. Ciber helps you adapt to business needs of the future, so that you gain a distinct competitive advantage.


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