Big Data Analytics

Digital business initiatives are impacting the life cycle of data. Many organizations are managing expensive on-premise data storage and infrastructure but finding that their data needs are not being met. They want the ability to store different structured types of data, need to support high data velocity and lack data mining capabilities. With these challenges, they are not able to provide robust analytics solutions that could help their organizations make better business decisions.

A fast to implement alternative to data warehouse solutions

Managed correctly, big data solutions are often faster to implement than a more traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Implementing a Big Data solution doesn’t mean throwing away your current EDW. Big data solutions can receive from, but more importantly send data to an EDW. This preserves the investment companies may have already made in their EDW.

Ciber’s Big Data Analytics solution isn’t just for customers with petabytes of information.  It’s a solution for organizations who want to view and manage data differently and beyond the limitations of what data warehouse offerings provide.  It allows structured and unstructured data to be stored and reported on side by side.  Big Data Analytics can provide a more complete picture, better reporting and actionable insight for business leaders.

Ciber’s nimble size, similar culture and technology-agnostic approach to big data management has proven very attractive to small and mid-sized companies. Ciber’s solution includes:

  • Data Architecture – simplified to enable collaboration between the business groups and IT
  • Data Integration – standardized processes for moving data between applications
  • Streaming Data – near real-time to consolidated, analyzable data
  • Reporting – self-service reporting of cleansed and consistent data across the enterprise

Ciber is a right-sized, hands-on information management expert

Ciber’s information management architect team members have an average of at least ten years of experience delivering information architecture solutions. We provide the plan, design and implementation for the solutions we recommend based on your organization’s specific needs and include ways to reduce timelines and costs. Ciber provides Organizational Change Management services including training so that clients have full mastery of new Big Data Analytic processes and systems.

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