Agile Transformation

As CIO’s push to provide more value to the business, and to deliver value more quickly, an enterprise agile approach is being prioritized for organizations. Companies often struggle with agile adoption as they attempt to scale across the enterprise. Some organizations want to move to agile but are struggling to understand where to begin or have tried and failed to successfully implement agile development processes in the past.

A successful transition from traditional software development methodologies such as waterfall and iterative to agile requires overcoming resistance from both IT teams and organizational business units. Organizations that are in earlier stages of agile adoption can move forward more quickly and successfully by taking advantage of Agile Transformation services. This is a holistic approach which is integrated with the Project Management Office (PMO) or Business Transformation Office (BTO) to fully adopt agile across the enterprise and incorporate change at the portfolio, program, project and people level. Ciber Agile Transformation services include:
  • Discovery Assessment
  • Framework Design and Implementation
  • Coaching and Training
  • Experienced Agile resources

A Ciber-led Agile Transformation delivers:

  • Improved initiative success - delivering planned value on time and on budget
  • Maximize resource productivity - completing more projects in less or equal time
  • Reduced overall IT cost
  • Improved quality
  • Increased customer satisfaction
Partner with Ciber for Agile Transformation success

Ciber utilizes agile methodologies to deliver value to clients. As change agents, Ciber’s agile experts drive transformation and help organizations to reach their full potential by embracing the best agile adoption practices, agile values and lean thinking. Ciber agile experts have the following qualifications:

  • Experience in several different transition methodologies including agile frameworks
  • Experience leading several large-scale agile transitions.
  • Experience working with executives to lead organization change as part of Agile Transformation
  • Utilizing best practices and process to address the needs of a variety of industries and organizational structures
  • Certified SAFe trainers

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