Agile Training

Agile Training

Gain Agile skills at each level of your organization

Ciber offers agile training for both new and experienced agile teams. For new teams, Agile training can introduce them to Agile methodologies and help them quickly become productive. For existing agile teams, training helps eliminate knowledge gaps, increase consistency throughout the organization and improve a team’s success, maturity and effectiveness.

Training starts with having skilled individuals. While individual skills are critical, working together as effective teams is just as important. Technology and business leaders need to align to provide support and embrace Agility throughout the organization. Only when individuals, teams, leaders, and executives are proficiently skilled and aligned will an organization be able to become truly Agile.

Ciber offers 4 levels of training to address the full spectrum of training needs for organizations undertaking an Agile Transformation:

Agile Executive Workshop – Executives, C-level, Senior Vice President or Vice President, will gain an understanding of what to expect from Agile teams and leaders, and how to effectively lead these teams through necessary culture changes in order to compete and stay relevant.

Agile Team Leader Bootcamp – The leaders of Agile Teams, and Product Teams that often include the Program Team must understand the basic skills, methods, continuous planning, and monitoring that increases their probability of success

Agile Academy for Teams – Software development teams who need to learn or improve their Agile development participate in an immersive three week experience. The duration is 15 business days of half -day training and exercises and half-day putting what they learned to work.

Agile DevOps Skills Training – Individual or small group training of Agile and DevOps methodology and technical skills. Courses are taught as evening or short courses at an HTC-Ciber Agile Training Center or at a client location.

Learn from Certified Agile Coaches

The Ciber coaching team is certified by organizations including SAFe, and Scrum Alliance, and have years of experience training and leading Agile teams. They can walk the talk, and provide an experienced and practical perspective on implementing Agile concepts and practices.

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