Agile Teams

Agile Teams

Deploy experienced Agile Teams

IT leaders are looking for trained Agile Teams instead of individually sourced staffing to add capacity, and enable them to deploy Agile Teams quickly to add immediate value. Ciber’s Agile Teams solution provides trained agile development capabilities, with a focus on skilled teams that can be quickly deployed.

Ciber provides teams of trained Agile developers that can be deployed to enhance your technology product delivery capabilities. Team structure, organization and delivery models are flexible to meet your organization’s needs, Agile maturity, and business model. Teams can support a variety of Agile methods and team structures.

Use Ciber Agile teams to expand your product team delivery capability

Our teams will work at either your site or at one of our Agile Delivery Centers. Application development can include use of one of our pre-configured DevOps software factories or use of your existing tech stack. A customized boot camp and onboarding process will assure teams add value from day one. Our teams can also be integrated on-shore/off-shore teams.

Gain Agile DevOps expertise and drive results

Ciber's Agile DevOps experts bring a highly integrated DevOps approach to add velocity, increase quality and speed time to market. To support your Agile Transformation goals, we partner with clients on business make-overs effectively and efficiently. We onboard with a focus on providing the best team and talent to help our clients effectively increase and advance DevOps continuous integration and delivery results.

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