Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching

Coaching increases Agile adoption success

Having Lean Agile coaches embedded in your teams reinforces best practices, enables additional velocity, and provides an example to follow. At some point, teams will reach a maturity level where they can coach themselves, but embedded coaches accelerate the progress.

Agile Coaching best practices

  • For new Agile team going through team training, such as Agile Academy for Teams, embed a shared coach with each of the portfolio teams that go through the academy together. One Agile Coach for each academy class could be shared among several teams.
  • Coaches reinforce best practices, help work through roadblocks, and mentor team members, leaders, and line managers
  • Coaches work with the portfolio teams until they become highly functioning self-directed teams, usually for two - six months depending on team maturity

Ciber’s Agile Coaching solution includes:

Integration Coaches

  • Coordinates a number of related teams which have interdependencies

Process Coaches

  • Coaches teams on the agile ceremonies
  • Usually former PMs or Scrum Masters

Technical Coaches

  • Coaches teams as a process coach and software development skills
  • Many times will add lift (velocity) to the team by actually doing development
  • Former super software developers
  • Are more often followed by other software developers

Learn from Certified Agile Coaches

The Ciber coaching team is certified by organizations including SAFe, and Scrum Alliance, and have years of experience training and leading Agile teams. They can walk the talk, and provide an experienced and practical perspective on implementing Agile concepts and practices.

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