Agile Adoption Assessment

Agile Adoption Assessment

Plan your Agile journey

Increase your chances for Agile Transformation success. Organizations who measure levels of Agile Development adoption and execution are the ones who will succeed in becoming truly Agile, and do so more quickly than the competition. With clear knowledge of the current state of Agile adoption, a roadmap of programs, plans and training can be implemented to increase skills and change the culture, giving your organization’s Agile journey a clear path to follow.

Manage Agile adoption strategically and intentionally

  • Reinforce consistent Agile practices
  • Develop a roadmap with milestones to mature Agile practices
  • Measure the rate of continuous improvement
  • Get the coaching and training you need

Our Agile Adoption Assessment analyzes eighteen practices that are necessary for Agile transformation:

We work with clients to assess gaps in team skills and consistency that drive an IT organization through its Agile journey. Learn how to develop a roadmap for each team to become more consistent and continuously mature.

Partner with Ciber to drive Agile Transformation

As Application Development and Management experts for 46 years, Ciber has a team of Agile experts who have worked with clients in leadership positions, strategic roles, and on Agile development teams. They’ve been enlightened by analysts, partners and clients whose transformations are a testimony to years of discipline. Ciber’s Lean Agile Services are based on Scrum + Extreme Programming (XP) practices such as test-driven development, pairing, refactoring, and simple coding. By learning from others’ Agile journeys, we speed Agile Transformation so that clients scale, mature and become business enablers more quickly.

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