Storage Made Simple for Hybrid Multicloud

Over the past few years, hybrid cloud deployments have become an essential part of many businesses’ IT infrastructure. Allowing workloads and data to exchange between private and public clouds, hybrid cloud model offers flexibility, security, and more options for data deployment and use.

In this on-demand webinar, hear Eric Herzog, CMO IBM Storage, discuss how IBM Storage delivers a radically unique approach that drives unparalleled innovation in a single storage platform that seamlessly moves your data between on-premise and your choice of public cloud.

In this session, you will gain insights on meeting business demands in the new normal and effectively managing the ever increasing volume of data as we discuss how to:

  • Reduce costs and gain unlimited storage capacity with minimal CapEx/ OpEx.
  • Deliver an ROI of up to 359% and payback in only eight months.
  • Maximize performance and business resilience while maintaining costs.
  • Modernize existing storage, and support new applications and deployments.
  • Protect your data wherever it resides.