The playbook for successful talent management is set. Focused on the individual, it identifies strengths, sets goals, positions talent, measures performance, assigns compensation and enables development. Human capital management is the art of making this work, transforming the focus on the individual into a positive impact on the business. Human resources needs sophisticated and powerful tools to analyze employee data for time, performance and productivity to provide employees with platforms for help, development and reporting. And finally, it translates employee transactions into the knowledge and wisdom that is the organization’s most valuable asset.

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The answer is a comprehensive Human Resources Information system

Ciber can provide effective human resources information systems that address every aspect of employee behavior. From recruitment to succession planning, from scheduling to budgeting. The system enables the organization to have visibility into its workforce, allow employees to enter data easily and accurately, and give them access to support and information whenever they need it. Ciber has identified key areas where we can provide you with the systems that will help you meet your goals:

  • Core human resources information systems – Time and performance data recording and management
  • Talent acquisition – Role development and applicant identification and tracking
  • Absence management – Administration and management of paid-time-off
  • Benefit administration – Enrollment and administration of health and welfare plans
  • Performance management – Setting goals and measuring results
  • Compensation management – Rewarding people for the most relevant reasons
  • Training and development – Improving visibility and accessibility to important development tools
  • Succession planning – Identifying and developing internal talent

Ciber offers access to our partners’ best technology

We have unrivaled alliances with the world’s dominant technology providers, giving us broad access to new products and a unique view of the software marketplace. Our teams are selected for their industry-specific experience and can confidently recommend and cherry-pick solutions that will work best for you.

We have core practices for the following technologies:

  • SAP
  • Infor
  • Oracle

We strive to clearly understand your requirements before bringing together the latest technologies and industry best practices to enable technology strategies and road maps to meet your goals.