Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to Achieve Quality in an Agile World

Webinar Replay

Host: Manav Singh, Senior Director and Practice Leader, Quality Assurance and Testing
Presenter: Paul Fratellone, Practice Manager, Quality Assurance and Testing

Are you having challenges transitioning from traditional testing to agile testing?
Are you struggling to improve quality in an agile world?
Are you able to deliver timely, predictable results and effective test coverage?

Successful agile projects thrive on rapid and frequent feedback. So testing becomes an essential part of every agile project. Traditional test strategies and approaches inevitably fail when applied in the agile world. Faster release cycles, continuous integration, emerging and changing requirements and minimal specifications require new testing methods, roles and skills.


  • Agile impact: What’s changed for testing
  • Why the agile team needs to own quality
  • How agile testing can reduce uncertainty and mitigate risk
  • Tools for agile testing enablement
  • Pragmatic test automation in an agile environment

The migration toward agile delivery continues to gain momentum. In this webinar replay, roll up your sleeves with our quality assurance and testing practice experts and find out how you can take agile testing to the next level.

Manav Singh, Sr. Director, Practice Leader, Quality Assurance and Testing

Manav has rich experience setting up successful testing organizations for large multinationals. He has set up and run large test outsourcing initiatives for our clients to improve application and release quality and drive quality assurance earlier in the software lifecycle. He is an expert in helping clients drive the most value out of specialized testing initiatives like test automation and realizing ROI in this space. He is a regular speaker at professional Quality Assurance and Testing conferences.

Paul Fratellone, Practice Manager, Quality Assurance and Testing

Paul Fratellone has more than twenty eight years of experience in quality management, testing and compliance. Throughout his career, he has successfully articulated the cost, risk and benefit equation of quality to business and technology leaders. Fratellone has been published in industry-recognized quality-assurance and testing publications and has spoken at both Software Quality Engineering and Software Test professional conferences.

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