Tuesday, December 29, 2015

An Agile Guide to Continuous Delivery

Webinar Replay

Webinar Host: Dov Rosenberg – Senior Director, Ciber Application Development Practice

Modernization projects require large commitments from an organization in terms of time and money to complete. A significant part of that budget needs to be used to ensure that the delivery of the completed application goes as smoothly as possible to avoid breaking the business.

This webinar will provide strategies based on agile and the shift continuous delivery to mitigate and control the delivery risks associated with transformational projects.


  • Planning for incremental delivery of business value – Strategies for breaking up a large application into smaller deployable chunks versus waiting until everything is done to make the first deployment.
  • Portfolio-level release management and investment planning – How to be proactive in managing your application portfolio and how to prioritize investments in applications for ongoing maintenance.
  • Agile, dev-ops and the move to continuous delivery – Introduce dev-ops and how it is required to eliminate the bottlenecks that occur when agile development meets waterfall deployment.
  • Your other delivery list: Training, documentation, and go-to-market strategy – The other things besides your application that have to be in place to have a successful product launch.

Ciber’s modernization services can provide insight for companies to benefit and gain the most value from their existing applications and manage their modernization projects.

Webinar Host:       

Dov Rosenberg, Senior Director, Ciber Application Development Practice

Dov heads up Ciber’s North American Application Development Practice. He spends a lot of time trying to understand the root causes of application development dysfunction and to help organizations deliver better software. Over the last twenty years, Dov Rosenberg has built and sold three software companies, primarily focused around web content and knowledge management.

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