10 Steps to Talent Management Readiness

Human capital drives innovation; talent management drives human capital. HR leaders know how much work is involved in implementing successful initiatives. But did you know that getting started doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems

Transform HCM with Oracle’s Taleo Cloud

Good employees are a hospital’s most valuable resource. Find out how Oracle’s Taleo Cloud Recruiting platform can transform your healthcare organization’s HR functionality and teach you how to hire and retain the top candidates.

Infor Lawson Upgrades: See What’s Next

Are you ready for an Infor Lawson upgrade but don’t know where to start? We understand that one size does not fit all, and now there are even more options out there. Discover the advantages of upgrading to Infor 10x with our proven Impact Methodology.

Ciber Cloud Campus™ Webinar

Have you considered a cloud-based alternative but haven’t found one that is robust or flexible enough for your needs? By moving to Ciber Cloud CampusTM, you can cost-effectively and quickly access the same PeopleSoft software that other colleges and universities use.

PeopleSoft UX-Real World Examples

Learn how to give your organization’s student portal the same attention you give to your external website. You can dramatically improve your portal experience without paying a big price. The best part is that it’s already available in your Oracle PeopleSoft application.

Build the Case for SAP HANA

The data keeps increasing, and you’re looking for a way to manage the flood. SAP HANA isn’t just nice to have, it’s an essential business-operations technology that creates a competitive advantage for your company.

Road to the HR Cloud

Identify your HR priorities and IT landscape, and then plot a road map to the HR cloud that works for your organization and budget. Ciber’s proven approach can get can “get you into the latest model” one step at a time.

How to Achieve Quality in an Agile World

Are you struggling to improve quality and transition from traditional testing in an agile world? Quality assurance and testing practice experts help you find out how you can take agile testing to the next level.

5 Steps to More Effective PPM

IT leaders would like to put a project portfolio management program to work but can’t take the time to research the hundreds of options available. Learn in this webinar how to get better and more effective results.

Your Cloud Action Plan

Webinar Replay Join Ciber’s Oracle Cloud leadership team to hear how our clients, whether early adopters or toe-in-the-water testers, are […]