Global managed services provider and IT managed services from Ciber.

Managed Services

Overcome the significant challenges of managing and maintaining your complex IT environment.

With Ciber IT Managed Services, you gain access to best-in-class IT capabilities, find highly specialized support for custom operating environments, operate within pre-certified and compliant environments, and take advantage of latest operating and delivery models, such as cloud or “as-a-service” environments.

Gain Efficiency with Integrated IT Managed Services

The components that create a complete ‘Wall-2-Wall’ Ciber Managed Services solution include: Application Development and Management Services, Application Operations Services including Infrastructure Services, and Service Desk Solutions. Use them separately or as an integrated plan to gain efficiency in your overall IT systems.

As a global IT managed services provider, we work to create delivery models that match your business goals for on-site or off-site hosting, private, public, or hybrid Cloud models, among others to give you the flexibility and mobility that your customers and employees need.

Efficient IT Managed Services—that work the way you need them to—allow you to focus on the needs of your business to achieve the results it demands.

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Ciber Managed Services Expertise

  • IT Managed Services has been at core of Ciber’s business for more than 35 years
  • Global Solution Centers are located in India, Vietnam, Poland, the U.S. and other locations around the world
  • Single source for the entire solution life cycle from enterprise architecture through application development and integration to application management and infrastructure services
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